About me


Ethically I find it critical to use discarded materials rather than buy new. Over the years my art practice has evolved with this in mind. I am dedicated to sustainable processes, low carbon footprint, and as little toxic waste as possible.

I source 100% thrifted/recycled materials for my clothing and am dedicated to developing natural dyeing processes, and natural handmade inks. I strive to be anti sweatshops/suffering in my personal life/art and hope to inspire my peers to do the same.

My art practice has provided me a healthy creative outlet to express my ideas and process my deepest pain. I consider art and astrology to be a part of my evolving spiritual practice. I see spiritual practice as a form of political resistance and emotional resilience. Through exploring this with others I hope to aid in development of our individual/collective spiritual practice, emotional well being, and soul evolution.



Venus is the only planet named after a Goddess

I am a 2nd generation astrologer. Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo, Pisces Rising.

Astrology was always a part of my life. Over time I started to engage with this mysterious language my parents spoke around me.

Like our languages and cultures, Astrology has roots in Mythology. The way our planets have been named were through a Patriarchal lens. I am passionate about retelling the story of Astrology and Mythology through a lens of Intersectional Feminism and Polytheistic belief systems.

Compassionate astrology

I believe in using astrology to aid emotional processing and understanding of our unique purpose on the planet as well as our collective purpose in evolution. I am here to guide my clients towards a healthy inner world and a deep listening of our own unique intuition. Together I hope to exchange the gift of understanding, and share my knowledge of astrology and sacred wisdom.

If you have any questions about my art or astrology practice please write me at Embersmall@gmail.com

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