Written Natal Chart Reading

Ember Small

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Natal Chart Reading Astrology Soul Path Written Report

Written Natal Chart reading

A written reading sent to your email

Some specific advantages to this type of reading include:

A chance to connect with and revisit your reading at your leisure

Space to process and seek alternative interpretations using information provided about your specific natal chart

A great primer on astrology and getting acquainted with your natal chart

This reading will be 100$ for a reading of your most prominent placements and natal chart aspects, as well as a key to guide you towards searching your chart placements on your own

Please include the information below as you Check Out in the "Special instructions for seller" box

For any Astrological readings I will need the following info:

  • Time of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Location of birth
  • Email Address
Readings should be delivered within a week of payment.