Astrology Services

Readings are an intuitive conversation navigating your natal chart which is not only a map of the planets the moment you were born, but also a reflection of your whole life.
I take a lot of care and compassion into every chart I read, and admire those willing to trust me with their most private self's.
Everything learned, and discussed is confidential.
I am open to recording sessions however possible as astrology readings can somehow become more true as we grow into ourselves.
If you have any questions about what reading would be best for you please do not hesitate to email me at

Natal Chart Reading 40$ an hour

A Skype or phone session with me discussing your chart, events of your life, and any questions you have as they come up. A live reading with me encourages a lot of intuitive information to surface as well as "A ha" moments, emotional territory, truths being lovingly revealed.

Soul Path Reading 30$ an hour
A reading where we look at your specific areas of career, manifestation, life purpose, as well as generational karma. This area can also delve into past life incarnations if you are open and willing to traverse that with me.