Art, Emotional Resilience, and Transformation

I intentionally use discarded materials rather than buy new. Over the years my art practice has evolved with this in mind. I am dedicated to sustainable processes, low carbon footprint, and nothing sourced from sweatshops.
My clothing is made of 100% thrifted/recycled materials, and I am dedicated to developing natural dyeing processes, and natural handmade inks.

 I consider art and astrology to be a part of my evolving spiritual practice. I use Astrology and creative self expression as a form of political resistance and emotional resilience.

Venus is the only planet named after a Goddess

I am a 2nd generation astrologer, Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo, Pisces Rising.

Like our languages and cultures, Astrology has roots in Mythology. The way our planets were named were through a Patriarchal lens. I am passionate about retelling the story of Astrology and Mythology through a lens of Intersectional Feminism and Polytheistic belief systems.

Compassionate Astrology

I believe in using astrology to aid emotional processing and understanding of our unique purpose on the planet as well as our collective purpose in evolution. I am here to guide my clients towards a healthy inner world and a deep listening of our own unique intuition.

If you have any questions about my art or astrology practice please write me at Embersmall@gmail.com

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